Senin, 24 September 2012

Bandung, Oh, Bandung

Bandung is where I live today. A compact metropolitan which is always full on weekends, courtesy of local visitors. A place where fancy diners and small eateries flock. Paris van Java, they say. Trendy city, some like to think so.

To me it is simply home.

In spite of the occasional traffic jams, the so-called gangs that seem to be on the rise, well, in spite of everything, it's still a lovely city. And I am not the only one who believe so. (Ask the visitors why they repeatedly visit Bandung, and perhaps, you'll understand a little!) I believe Bandung can be better. Bandung will be better. It is up to us, the inhabitants, the visitors, to achieve that.

I've seen plenty of hues above, from tangerine to dusty pink, from light azure dotted with white clouds to lavender.

As long as I can gaze at gorgeous sky of Bandung during twilight, I am content.

Be blessed, Bandung. Happy birthday, and here's to many dazzling years in the future!

(Pic was taken in Pusat Dakwah Islam Bandung, also known as Pusdai)

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