Kamis, 09 Agustus 2012

Jejamuran in Jogja

Last March, my partner and I went to Jogjakarta. Our friends, Ronny and Fitri, took us to lunch to Jejamuran. This place specializes in selling dishes made of mushrooms.

Me, I am a big fun of mushrooms! I was really curious, they really sell mushrooms sate? Tasty or not? So we went there. The scenery along the way was fab, we could also see a glimpse of Merapi Mountain.

Jejamuran not only sells dishes based on mushrooms,
but they also sell some fresh mushrooms. Some of them
are pretty unique. I was taken by this salmon-colored ones.
At first, I thought they were roses or something. The yellow
ones are also pretty!

This is ling zhi! Very famous for medicinal purposes.
They also sell dried ling zhi and syrup. I bought the
syrup version. It is supposed to boost your immunity
and strength. It tastes faintly of ginger, but that's it.
I thought it must be bitter, but it isn't.

Bon appetit! This is mushroom sate, Jejamuran style.
It surprisingly tastes like meat. Very tasty and I'd love
to try it again in the future.

Here you can see my partner and Ronny, about to
sample their meals.

Yours truly with Fitri. Typical Indonesians, eh?
Posing before eating!

This place also offers training for those interested in cultivating mushrooms. I think this is fab. So it's a place to eat, have fun and study, too.

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