Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

Sei Sekonyer Village

Sei Sekonyer is a small village near Tanjung Harapan. The people there are against the expansion of palm plantation for palm oil, for it means the shortage of trees and forests for orangutans and other wild creatures.

They provide home stays, too. You are advised to book in advance, especially during peak season (May-August, generally). Here you can ask the villagers to take you around using speed boats or regular boats (sampan). The first picture of this blog, the boats with horn bills on them, belong to this village.

They also have a small souvenir shop selling from bangles to T Shirts. Visitors are encouraged to shop here to boost the local trade.

Most of the inhabitants are farmers, though one guide told me that some also work for the palm oil company. They respect each others' choices concerning their occupations. I think this is fab.

We arrived in the afternoon and the village was full of activities. Some people were building roofs from nipah leaves, some children were playing marbles (I'm glad to see some girls were playing, too!), some were playing soccer, and a couple of girls were swimming. They were very friendly! They waved back shyly when I waved and greeted them.

I feel it would be more inspiring if newcomers are welcome in their daily activities. Such as sweeping the courtyards or helping making nipah roofs. Or even, accompanying the children play. Maybe one day... (to be continued)

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