Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

Dinner in Kelotok Boat

Dinner was an awesome affair. The guides told us that we would be dining near nipah plants, because fireflies love to reside there. Certain insects are abundant in nipah plants and fireflies are so fond of those.

I was mesmerized by the sunset views on the river. If you think this picture is beautiful, the original sight is 1000x better. Trust me on this one. You just gotta be there, sitting or standing on a kelotok boat, gaping at the vista. You'd also be able to listen to the sounds of the forest. Cicadas chirping, birds singing, monkeys and proboscis monkeys and orangutans and God knows what else. Even now, I can still imagine listening to those sounds.

We ate homemade foodies prepared by Javanese cooks. They were scrumptious. The conversation flew smoothly as if we had known each other for years. (I've met some of my fellow travelers, true. However for most of them, it was our first meeting.) I remember we mainly discussed about--what else?--traveling and the beauty of Kalimantan, and how wonderful it was to be there.

We saw plenty of fireflies dancing in the forest. And the stars were breathtaking, so plentiful. That night, I saw three shooting stars. My partner was there next to me. It was indescribable, being able to witness the sky studded with twinkling stars, our fingers laced upon another. (to be continued)

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