Kamis, 02 Agustus 2012

First Snack in Japan

We landed in Haneda at around 11 PM. After dealing with immigration and baggage, we went to the hotel. The night was lovely and full of breeze. Tokyo at night, studded with beams and stars from tall buildings. The air was fresh with the scent of spring. Plenty of vehicles, but no traffic jams. Everything was orderly and neat.

"Yes, Angela dear, you're not in Bandung anymore," something whispered to my ears. I hoped it was not some gangly guy from The Wizard of Oz.

Right after we checked into our room, I told my partner, "I'm hungry! Let's go out and buy something." Off we went to a convenience store. (No. They don't hang around or chat or gossip or meet up with buds there, like in Indonesia. It is, after all, DUH!, a convenience store.)

We ended up with these: fruit jelly, Kit-Kat zunda mochi flavor and my favorite dumplings, mitarashi dango. Mitarashi dango tastes sweet and filling. (I simply had to buy the cute Kewpie mayo and shoyu. Impulsive buying!)

Have you been to Japan? If you have, what were your first snacks upon arriving? If you haven't, what would you like to have?

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