Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

Thank You Guys, for the Amazing #BorneoTrip

This is the whole bunch! Including the tour guides in Central Kalimantan area who made our trip worthwhile. The guides were very patient and accommodating. I feel kinda bad because I kept pestering them with more and more questions.

Thank you Ancis Banderas! At first he looks kinda quiet but if you ask the right questions at him, he will open up and share many insights about wildlife. In Pesalat area, he showed us bear marks in a tree, so exciting! I honestly couldn't believe how a honey bear might be able to climb so high, but on thing for sure, I wouldn't want to be around when that happens. Kinda scary.
Thank you, Dede! Dede took awesome pictures during our trip. And that reminds me, one of these days I have to nag him into sharing the pictures he took during our trip in June!
Thanks bunches, Miki! Miki used to study in Bandung, too. He knows where to get fab souvenirs in town, just ask him! He showed us where to get yum yum fish chips in Pangkalan Bun. My kids and dad love the fish chips so much!
Heaps of thanks for Yomie! You can contact him at kamale83 at gmail.com if you want to organize a tour to Kalimantan. Recommended! Yomie used to live in Bandung too, and he is more fluent in Sundanese compared to yours truly. (Shame on me!)
Thanks, Yusup! Yusup has tons of interesting tales to tell, from bizarre to supernatural stuff. He treks barefoot and he knows a lot about the flora and fauna in Kalimantan. Thanks to him, my partner and yours truly managed to see a crocodile in the river at night. S-C-A-R-Y!

And of course, thank you so much for Direktorat Pengembangan Pasar dan Informasi Pariwisata & Direktorat Pencitraan Indonesia, Kementrian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif, for making this possible!

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