Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Kubu Village

After planting trees in Pesalat, we headed to Tanjung Keluang. We were supposed to visit the sea turtles preservation center in Tanjung Keluang, but we arrived at midday and it was still scorching hot. Would we like to do something else? Yes, please! And that meant, visiting Kubu Village. It's across Tanjung Keluang, and it takes about 30 minutes by kelotok to go there. It's relatively small. You can see a playground and some eateries selling their wares. When I was walking around, I saw some kelotok boats. I'm assuming that perhaps this village also offers kelotok rides to other places? Regretfully, I didn't ask around.

We cooled down while sitting in front of the beach, ordering fresh coconuts. My partner and I laughed when our travel mates ordered baso malang. "You can buy it in other cities!" we said. But they laughed at us too when I bought the so-called gado-gado (I think its name should be lotek, but hey, it's tasty anyway!).

Gado-Gado in Kubu Village