Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Falling in Love with Fujisan

My partner and I have been dreaming of going to Japan for ages. It was like, "One day, one day" for us. Surely, it's too expensive? Maybe later, when we have accumulated enough knowledge of Japanese culture and language. Perhaps, in near future... and we kept on dreaming.

But one day, we found a tour package that tempted us. It's still pricey, but affordable. And we began to make plans. We planned to visit in May, perhaps we'd be able to see some blooming sakura and enjoy watching the spring flowers. Unfortunately, in March 2011, tragedy struck Japan. We were given the choice to either cancel it, or postpone it. We chose the latter.

We ended up visiting Japan in June 2011. I wrote about my experience there in Japan in June, you can buy it here (only in Indonesian, sorry). I'll share some highlights in this blog whenever I remember to. It's always fun, remembering, reminiscing.

Now, about Fujisan. To me, Fujisan is one of natural landmarks in Japan. I've read about it for-oh-so-many-times, in manga and novels. I've heard people talk and rave about it. I've seen it on movies and Japanese dorama. I've listened to songs depicting this mountain.

What is so special about it, you might ask? Sure, it's the highest mountain in Japan (approx. 3,776 m). The snowcapped mountain is iconic! For about 2 weeks in August, you can try climbing it (you can start from the 5th station, about 2,300 m). Fujisan has 10th station, motor vehicles can only reach the 5th station (1 being the lowest, 10 the highest). If you happen to visit Fujisan, make sure that you stay quiet when you see the G key. If you're with a guide, (s)he will ensure the driver to maintain a certain speed so you will be able to hear a song. Yes, a singing road.

A singing road? A fantastic view? That's it? I don't know. There is more. When I first saw this sight, I couldn't breathe. And when I did, the air felt sweeter and cleaner somehow. I could see distinct vapor emanating from one's breath. I gazed at the blue-white sky and sighed. And sighed. I got some kind of epiphany.

This. I love this. I'm falling in love with Fujisan. Maybe I've been in love most of my life, it took one trip to finally realize that the feelings are true.

Our tour leader told us how lucky we were, being able to see Fujisan two days in a row. Most of the time, it's covered with clouds and mists.

My partner and I exchanged glances, then we danced in joy in front of Fujisan, celebrating, laughing. We touched the snow and marveled at how exquisite it was. We trod the path and smiled seeing the gravels fly here and there. We stood in front of Fujisan, not saying anything. Just staring at the sight, feeling blessed and thankful for the chance to be there.

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