Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

Kelotok Boat

Why the name kelotok? Like I mentioned before in one of my posts, the engine emits the sound tok-tok-tok, hence the name. Some use engines designed for cars, the boats will then run more smoothly and faster. Kelotok boats vary in size and speed, and comfort, too. But generally they have their own toilets and bathrooms, kitchens and places to sleep. Yes, you can say that you are living in kelotok! At night they will provide beds with anti-mosquito nets.

If you are thinking of spending a few days in Tanjung Puting, staying in a kelotok is a good idea. The journey will be comfortable and if you are a bit squeamish about taking a bath inside a kelotok using river water (the guide will find fresher, cleaner water from the river to use, just ask around), the guide might ask permissions from local rangers to use their bathrooms.

You can ask local guides and tour for day-cruise (or several days' time) with meals and everything included. It's best to share a kelotok with friends, so traveling in a small group to this area is advisable.

Tanjung Puting can only be reached by the river. For day cruise, you might use speedboat if you're opting for speed. For several days' time, kelotok, to me, is the best choice. 

Sitting in a kelotok, with winds brushing your cheeks and hair, admiring the blue oh-gosh-have-I-ever-seen-bluer-colors-than-this-one sky, squinting at the trees waiting for some wild animals to appear. Feeling drowsy yet afraid of closing your eyes lest you miss seeing something worthwhile. Ahhh. I miss kelotok already!

PS: Beware of kelotoklag. You have been warned! :))

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