Minggu, 24 Juni 2012

Behold: Borneo's Tower of Mordor

Fortunately, Sauron wasn't around at the time

We found it at Pesalat, a plant conservation site. It was a remnant of a huge ulin (ironwood) tree.

When some locals tried to clean up the area they tried to chop it down. But it stood tall. So they burned it down instead. Still, the tree refused to fall down. It died standing, like the Japanese heroic figure Benkei.

It was a shame since ulin trees have become scarce now. And they take so many years to grow. Even in 5 years, an ulin tree may only grow to a meter tall. But after 20 years, it can stand like a huge, strong pillar. And that's just a start.

Now the area's been turned into a conservation site, to protect the remaining vegetation. Pesalat also serves as a demonstration plot for remedial plants. And visitors can help by participating in an Adopt-A-Tree Program.

Naturally, I chose to adopt an ulin tree. May it grow to become another green tower among its friends.

UPDATE: A fellow traveler, Priyadi, has pinpointed the sites we visit during the Tanjung Puting Trip in Google Maps. You can check it here.

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